The Sanderling Homes Association (SHA) has an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) that monitors and enforces specific construction standards that are established to maintain proper integration into a community designed to balance the infrastructure with our ecosystem.

All property owners must submit detailed plans to the ACC for approval prior to beginning any work, whether building new or repairing, remodeling or demolishing any structure, including but not limited to staining (painting), decking, window changes, roof repair, etc. Additionally, landscaping projects, including site clearance, cannot be undertaken without ACC approval.

Dune decks are not permitted, and reconstruction of existing dune decks after storms or other natural disasters or due to disrepair is not permitted.

Please read/re-read the Architectural Control Rules & Regulations. If you have any questions, please contact Bryan Smith, the Property Manager at 252.261.1214 or by or Joe Blakaitis , the ACC Chairman at 973-723-4434 or by



ACC Guidelines Revised August 2021