The community of Sanderling, located on the northern beaches of North Carolina’s Outer Banks, is settled on a narrow band of land between the dunes that front the Atlantic Ocean and the marshes that edge the shallow waters of the Currituck Sound. It is a geographically and ecologically fragile environment, and its’ stewardship is the concern of all members of the Sanderling Community.

Please read the following guidelines below that outline our community regulations.  We know that visitors choose Sanderling as a place to gather with family and friends because our community has been meticulously designed and maintained so as to coexist within the natural ecosystem that we are proud to call Sanderling.

Before You Visit Sanderling

As you plan your visit to Sanderling, we ask you to share in the spirit of our community by following the rules and regulations established to protect wildlife, to preserve the beauty and serenity of the beach, the sound, our homes, and common properties. These rules and regulations are intended to enhance your visit to Sanderling as well as to help maintain the community standards that residents and visitors have come to appreciate and enjoy.

PARKING: Parking is not allowed along or on Sanderling streets or mowed areas. All vehicles should be parked in driveways.

EXTERIOR LIGHTS: Please turn off all outdoor or exterior lights by 11:00 p.m. (Please read the section entitled “Help Protect The Sea Turtles” under Beach Safety & Rules.)

NATURE TRAILS: The community trails are designated as “nature” trails and as such are subject to naturally occurring obstacles. Please use trails with caution. To help preserve our fragile trail system and for pedestrian safety, please walk your bike. No motorized vehicles of any kind are allowed on the nature trails.

DOGS: The Town of Duck requires that all dogs, when on common property, including but not restricted to streets, nature trails and boardwalks, be kept on a leash not to exceed 10 feet in length. The Town allows dogs to be off-leash on the beach as long as the dog is under the owner’s “immediate control.” The Town’s ordinance mandates the removal of feces, which must be placed in a sanitary container.  It is also unlawful to “have a dog that habitually or repeatedly barks.” Violators of any of these Town ordinances may be fined up to $500.

BEACH EQUIPMENT: For public safety and environmental reasons, the Town of Duck requires that all unattended beach equipment, including but not limited to umbrellas, tents, shades, chairs, etc. be removed from the beach after 5:00 p.m. Storing equipment in the dune area, including next to sand fencing or under stairs, is prohibited. The Town will remove and dispose of such items in violation of this ordinance as litter. (Please refer to the section on Beach Safety & Rules for further clarification or please visit: www.townofduck.com/surfrescue-duck.)

BARBECUING: Barbecuing on decks or under cottages is a fire hazard and is not permitted.

BEACH FIRES & FIREWORKS: The Town of Duck strictly forbids beach fires and fireworks. Violators may be fined up to $500.

DUNES: Please do not walk on the dunes or damage sand fences, sea oats or other vegetation as they help to preserve our delicate ecology. (Please refer to the section on Dunes under Beach Safety & Rules for further clarification or please visit: www.townofduck.com/surfrescue-duck.)

OCEAN SWIMMING: Red flags placed at boardwalks by the Town of Duck Surf Rescue mean “No Swimming” due to dangerous surf and undertow conditions. (Please refer to the section on Beach Safety & Rules or visit: www.townofduck.com/surfresue-duck.)

– May 1 to September 30: The Sanderling Property Owners Association has arranged for trash and recycle containers to be moved to the street on Sunday for Monday Recycle (Blue) pickup and Tuesday (Black) pickup.  Trash only (Black) containers to be moved to the street on Thursday for Friday pickup. SHA will return containers after pickup.

– October 1 to April 30: Owners/guests/renters are responsible for taking trash and recycle containers to the street on Sunday for Monday pickup. SHA will return containers after pickup.

Trash or recycle materials left outside the containers will not be picked up. Be careful not to block access to the containers.

BEACH AND SOUND ACCESS: Beach access is available using Boardwalks 5 through 11. Access to the Currituck Sound is available at the pier and boat ramp located at the Sanderling Racquet and Swim Club. All other piers and beach or sound access locations are private property.

MOTOR BIKES, ATVs, JET SKIS, WAVE RUNNERS & HOMES/CAMPERS, GOLF CARTS/LOW SPEED VEHICLES: Motor bikes, ATVs, motor homes/campers, and golf carts/low speed vehicles are prohibited in our community and may not be parked or stored in the community. Jet skis and wave runners may not be used, operated, launched, retrieved, tied up at any dock, moored in the sound or ocean, parked or stored anywhere in the community.

Failure to comply with any of the above rules or regulations can result in the loss of SRSC privileges. When violations are attributable to a renter, the cottage rental agency will be contacted and appropriate action taken. For assistance or to report violations, please call our Property Manager at 252-255-0214.