Town of Duck Garbage ordinance 5-1-2023

May 1, 2023

To: Sanderling Home owners Association Members

Fr: Henry Autler – President SHA

Re: Town of Duck Garbage ordinance


As most may know already the Town of Duck has pass a new ordinance on garbage and recycling bins with threat to fine $50 if not followed. Attached to this letter and posted on our community and town websites is the ordnance, if you wish to read it. I know some members have already received warnings during the grace period (The town did not contact any of the HOA’s or owners in advance, or receive notice once passed).

In short, the ordinance states homes that are seasonal rentals must have the proper amount of roll out bins based on listed occupancy; 1-6 guests – 1 can, 7-12 – 2 cans, 13-18 – 3 cans.

Bins cannot be out on the street for collection BEFORE 5pm prior to collection day.

Bins must back under the house by 10pm day of collection. PLEASE NOTE, OUR PROPERTY MANAGER BRYAN SMITH IS NOT RESPONSEABLE, NOR IS IT HIS JOB TO ROLL CANS BACK TO THE HOUSE. Bryan has done this in the past out of kindness to our membership. Between some of our membership telling him where to put the cans, when to get the cans and now this ordnance DO NOT EXPECT HIM TO DO IT GOING FORWARD!

Like a few of the SHA membership, I too have a few questions I like to have answered.  I strongly suggest questions be pointed to the town at: and directly to the board members who passed this, CC me on any emails if you like.


Henry A. Autler – President SHA

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